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A GOLDEN CHANCE An insight into HLF Berry Solicitors by Law Intern Giulia Fichera 29 August 2016

My name is Giulia Fichera and I was born in Sicily, where I recently graduated in Law. I landed in Manchester in February of this year, in order to sharpen my language skills. I then applied in May for an internship at HLF Berry Solicitors, because I have always been fascinated by law firms. Before my first day in the Chorlton office began, I was on tenterhooks; not only was it my first work placement after university, but it was also  an internship abroad.

I didn't need to worry though.  The welcoming and productive work environment has helped me to familiarise myself quickly with my duties. Sitting on the chair the first day I had to battle with the bitter enemy of all  learners, phone calls! Despite my stormy relationship with the telephone, I have been involved in plenty of different tasks. One of the most frequent tasks I have been assigned to undertake is research linked to the firm's current legal cases;  the research process is an enriching activity as I can seize the opportunity to learn more about British Law.

I gratefully acknowledge the patient supervision and guidance received from Robin Burman, who has been driving me in the study of commercial law, but also - and above all - with regard to the different aspects of the legal profession, which includes building constructive relationships with clients, marketing and networking.

I find the client meetings that I have attended the most stimulating part of this experience. It gives me  great exposure and valuable insight into the ways lawyers conduct themselves with clients. There has been plenty to learn from. It has been exciting to witness how the sense of professionalism guides the company's work, professionalism I hope to emulate in my future career and transform into habit.

I am very grateful to HLF Berry Solicitors for this golden opportunity. It has broadened my knowledge and above all it has introduced me to a professional environment, as a first step towards the realisation of my career goals.