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New Year, New Divorce: January Is Largest Divorce Month 06 January 2017

January is the biggest month for divorce, with the most number of queries made to solicitors on the first working Monday of the year from couples wanting to separate.

Whilst many of us are still merrily wishing our friends a happy new year and hanging onto the last remnants of the Christmas period with fondness, a huge number of married couples are contemplating initiating divorce now that January is upon us

Traditionally, the first working Monday of January sees a big spike in legal queries made from spouses considering ending their marriage.

New Year, New Divorce

"So many couples wait until the festive period is over, and they've survived Christmas and seen in the new year, before turning their thoughts to divorce," says Paul Citron, Solicitor at HLF Berry LLP.

"This time of year is always busy, given the fact we've been closed over the holiday period - and there is a sharp increase in the number of divorce enquiries our family lawyers receive in January.

"We've experienced this trend over the past few years and are certain this January will be no different.  We have also noticed that the average age of couples getting divorced has also increased. Whilst one used to talk about the 7 year itch, nowadays it is just as likely to be a 20 or 30 year itch."

Divorce Stats

The Office for National Statistics ( ONS) highlights that there were 111,169 divorces in 2014.

However, this data from 2014 reveals a 3.1% decrease in divorce numbers compared to 2013 and a sharp drop of 27% compared to 2003.

Divorce Day

The first working Monday of January is dubbed "Divorce Day" because of the big increase in enquiries from people wishing to separate from their partners. However, overall divorce rates are falling, as the latest ONS statistics show.

"The findings from the ONS are similar to our own experience of handling divorce cases," comments Paul Citron.

"Enquiry rates tend to be far higher in January than the rest of the year, especially on the first Monday everyone is back at work, although the number of cases we've handled across each year has actually levelled off over the past few years."

Divorce Support

Paul Citron adds: "In our experience, we get a lot more enquiries in January but not necessary more divorce cases as a result - many people make the initial enquiry and then decide not to separate after all.

"Our family law specialists always provide sensitive, tailored and professional advice on the consequences of getting divorced. This includes from a personal and wider family perspective as well as from a financial one, so everyone can be sure they're making the right decision.

"We're ready to handle every divorce query with the utmost care and consideration, as we appreciate how upsetting separation can be and understand that couples normally just want the best outcome for each other and every family member."

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