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Business Leases

Ensuring Your Business Lease Works For You

Whether you are a landlord making a new lease or a tenant taking out a new lease, our commercial property solicitors are here to help make the process efficient, straightforward and work in your best interests. It's vital the lease provides you with sufficient legal protection together with the freedom to conduct your business, and we will ensure the terms are fair and appropriate for you as a landlord or as a tenant.

We have experience and knowledge of handling a wide range of business leasehold transactions for both landlords and tenants, including the granting of leases and the taking of leases. Simplifying the legal jargon and checking the wording thoroughly to make sure there are no nasty surprises during your lease, you can rely on us for all professional commercial conveyancing services.

As a landlord, your lease needs to detail the terms clearly and should cover all aspects of the rent including amount and frequency, as well as alterations rights, responsibilities and maintenance obligations. Without a professionally drafted lease that includes the necessary clauses you may not be sufficiently protected should issues arise at a later date. Similarly, as a tenant it's important you're completely happy with the terms of the lease and before agreeing to a lease you will need to negotiate - and we'll guide and support you throughout this process.

Our business lease services include:

  • Granting and taking leases
  • Assigning and terminating leases
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease management
  • Lease variations
  • Tenant default resolution

How Our Commercial Property Solicitors Can Help You

We are committed to helping both landlords and tenants achieve their desired business objectives through our lease services. Making sure the terms are fair, suitable and what you want, we provide professional legal advice as well as the required help with negotiation and revision.

Our commercial conveyancing solicitors have extensive experience of acting for landlords and tenants of all property types, including multi-site premises, retail, restaurants, pharmacies, care homes, pubs, shops, warehouses, offices, hotels, and factories. We treat every client as an individual, which means we'll work hard to understand the needs of your particular lease and to ensure these needs are protected by the lease terms.

In addition to making sure the lease contains all the right information, we can help you decide on the terms you want, negotiate for these, ensure you act legally if you want to leave or terminate a lease early or change the terms, and even help you serve notices and negotiate in the unfortunate event legal proceedings have to begin.

For an initial consultation with one of our expert commercial property solicitors, contact us today. Every aspect of your business and individual requirements will be taken into account in any legal assistance we offer, to ensure your lease reflects the needs of your company and provides the necessary legal protection.