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Business Purchases and Sales

Taking Care Of Your Business Investment

Our commercial property solicitors have vast experience of purchasing, selling and leasing businesses of various sizes and types, from small shops and B&Bs to larger retail premises, hotels and industrial units. With our help, you can achieve your business objectives more easily and effectively as we'll look after your needs at every stage of the business purchase or sale.

If you are purchasing or selling, or want to buy or sell a business, we will make sure you fully understand the situation in terms of process and your precise wants. For example, you may want to buy a leasehold company and we can ensure the terms cover every aspect and are what your business needs; or you might want to sell and retain the freehold and we can help create a new lease.

Providing professional commercial conveyancing services throughout the business sale or purchase process, from initial negotiation to completion, we can help you make the most sensible business decisions and act smartly, thoughtfully and effectively.

Our business purchases and sales services include:

  • Legal advice and assistance with the necessary agreements and contracts
  • Assistance on getting the structure of the new business right
  • Negotiating and acting on your behalf
  • Investigating any cause for concern
  • Preparing the draft contract
  • Exchanging contracts

It's vital to enter into a business purchase or sale understanding the financial and commercial implications as well as potential, and to take measures to maximise these. With professional commercial property guidance from HLF Berry you can be certain of making the right business decisions.

How Our Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors Can Help You

Our commercial property experience ensures we can act effectively on your behalf to ensure the business purchase or sale goes through smoothly and in a way that protects your interests. We appreciate that every business sale and purchase is unique and that you'll have your own specific goals and requirements, and we'll support you at every stage of the selling or buying process to ensure your objectives are met.

Regardless of how complex your business purchase or sale is, we have the legal expertise to help. Having handled smaller as well as larger business purchases and sales, we know that you'll need to move swiftly but thoroughly to get the timing just right while fully protecting your interests.

For an initial consultation with one of our expert commercial conveyancing solicitors, contact us today.  Every aspect of your business purchase or business sale will be taken into account in any legal advice and assistance we offer, and at every stage of the process, to ensure your business goals are fully protected and realised.