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Landlord and Tenant

Looking After Your Commercial Property Interests

When you are a landlord or tenant of commercial property, it is important you are protected by the law and also that you act within the law with regard to how you conduct your business. Without the proper documentation in place, problems could arise and it's a worthwhile investment to obtain professional and specialist advice and guidance.

If you are a landlord and wish to rent out your property, be sure to put the correct paperwork in place or you may end up unsupported by the law in the unfortunate event of a difficult tenant. It is far easier to take preventative steps than it is to pursue tenants through the courts should things go wrong. If you're a tenant, make sure you can do what you want to do with the property and check the lease information thoroughly to be certain of your rights, responsibilities and obligations - and reduce the likelihood of disputes down the line.

Landlord and tenant disputes arise for numerous reasons, including insufficiently clear drafting  of leases. Leases need to detail every aspect of what the business can and can't do to help avoid future difficulties, and should you need to make any changes always have the amendments checked by a commercial property lawyer.

We have the expertise to assist with disputes over ownership, contracts and leases, on any property type including retail, warehouses, industrial sites, and offices. We can act for both landlords and tenants, and will approach your business and needs on a personalised level, fully aware that your requirements are unique and legal protection must be tailored for your situation.

Our landlord and tenant services include:

  • Granting and taking leases
  • Assigning and terminating leases
  • Lease management
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease variations  ?
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

How Our Commercial Solicitors Can Help You

HLF Berry commercial conveyancing solicitors are experienced at handling a range of landlord and tenant situations and issues, and can help you prevent or resolve any disputes to achieve your property objectives.

With us, we will ensure no issues are overlooked and that you maximise on the commercial and financial potential of your property while ensuring the experience of being landlord or tenant is a straightforward and rewarding one. Our approach is transparent and thorough, providing sensible support when you need it, whether for drafting leases, amending leases or enforcing lease terms against difficult tenants.

For an initial consultation with one of our expert commercial property solicitors, contact us today. Every aspect of your business and property requirements will be taken into account in any legal guidance we provide, to ensure your investment is protected now and in the future.